There That B!%@# Goes…2016

There are some years when you look back with fondness and recall the things you have fireworks-1102887_640done, the people you have spent time with, and the events that have shaped your world.  Then here is 2016. To say that this year has been a rather cacophonous mess would be an understatement.
This year has taken many treasures from our ranks and unfortunately left us with a rather disturbing collection of gag gifts. Believe me, the term gag gifts is being civil for me.  I would much rather go on a full on rant, but as the time ticks away I find that if I were to list out all of the foul qualities I might possibly complete this post by the ringing in of 2018.
Each day I find myself more disturbed by the feed that slides across my screen.  Today it was the Tangerine profoundly placing his lips squarely upon the posterior parts of Putin.  We all know that the Russians hacked our election and did so with the encouragement of the Tangerine.  He has actually never denied it?  I find it funny that at no point has he actually stepped up and said, no it never happened.  Lacking that denial, you would think that those who for so many years have been anti-Russia would be screaming their fool heads off, but the fact is…the devil handed them what they wanted and with that they have picked up their fiddles and left the crossroads.
You do have to wonder if we will ever recover.  Will we have to fight back for decades to regain what took us so long to acquire in the first place?  Or will it be as simple as tossing the Tangerine and his cronies out with the next election?  I don’t know if there will be a recovery.  Perhaps 2016 was a curse to be placed upon those who had taken for granted that humanity was actually approaching a point of being able to handle the world.  Who knows?

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