The B!%@# Starts The Year

Welcome to 2017, the year when the Repugnants successfully drive this country off the cliff.  They have not had this much control since the 1920’s and we all know how well that ended for everyone.  (Hint: The Great Depression)  I have to wonder if other countries around the world are scrambling to protect their own financial futures as this country gears up to drop a brick on the gas pedal and go careening off into the sunset.

Sitting down today I read through an article in the Washington Post, (Claiming mandate, GOP Congress lays plans to propel sweeping conservative agenda) discussing all of the policies that the Repugnants have sat salivating, waiting to gut.  I find myself trying to figure out how it is that people are so easily lead to voting against their own best interests.  The very people who are going to be left without medical coverage voted for people who seek to take it away from them.  Those who have family who are dependent upon social security have tossed their vote at people who have flat out stated that they will vote to cut those benefits.  It’s almost like these people are masochists who are standing with their ass exposed to the a spiked paddle fully prepared to scream, “thank you Sir may I have another,” as the spikes rip at their flesh.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, those maso’s have dragged us along for the ride.  Despite my desire to encourage people to find their bliss and to find what works for them, in this case I can’t help but want to scream at them and tell them to pull their heads out their ass.  This is one of those times when their need to have their corn flakes pissed in has the potential to directly screw the rest of our lives up.

That all being said, people need to step back and honestly look at what they are planning on doing.  While there are no elections pending that will save us from the actions of the Repugnant controlled congress, there are still many things we can do.  We can scream at the tops of our lungs as they start to line up social security, net neutrality, education, medicare, equal rights, and the environment on the fence and start taking aim.  We can call, we can write letters, we can protest.  We need to do everything possible to ensure that their aim is anything but true as they start to shoot off against those things we have come to hold dear in this country.

We are a country of diverse backgrounds, cultures, religions and philosophies.  We are going to have to figure out a way to realize that it is in that diversity that we can build an enormous strength.  A strength to stand up against what has been tossed into power and tell them that NO they cannot take away our social programs, no they cannot give businesses more power to control our lives, no they cannot destroy our environment and leave a mess for the future.  We must speak up and remind them that we embrace diversity, we support equal rights, we demand equal protections, and they work for us… not the other way around.

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