The B!%@# Has Already Seen This Movie

The theme of the day is vindictive. Careening through the air waves, across the Twitterverse, over the phone lines, and bubbling up on news feeds all over the country… a bloating course of retaliation and bullying.  Today we have a selection of tweets, phone calls, resurrections of antiquated rules, and the possible destruction of those who expose the issues.  That’s right we have all found ourselves trapped in a reboot of Mean Girls with the Tangerine embodying his own version of Regina George and his cronies stepping into the role of “The Plastics.”

As any good Regina George stand-in would do, we started the day with a hearty dose of blaming others for personal failings. According to the Tangerine, his tweets supporting Assange and Putin weren’t really tweets supporting them.  His 7:25 am tweet claims that it was the media twisting his meaning and making those lovely 140 character rambles into something else.  The media just doesn’t understand him and is making him look bad.

What floors me is that his blaming tweet has fifty-one thousand likes.  Mean girl tactics win out and 51,000 people are either so gullible that they will buy this load of crap or they are so afraid of being the next target that they are cheering in hopes that the bully won’t turn on them.

People are failing to see the real problem, we have a soon to be Tangerine in Chief entering office who won’t hold a press conference.  He won’t speak in a venue where he can be openly questioned to ensure his meaning is clear.  But then again, that’s an old bully tactic…say one thing and then claim that others are twisting their words.

Continuing our trip through this alternate universe, our dear Regina George stand-in went after a political rival this afternoon.  Apparently the Tangerine was not happy with a man who had supported John Kasich in the recent election.  To express that distaste, he made a series of phone calls to Repugnants in Ohio (it’s okay to get the image of a bunch of teenage girls bickering over who dissed who).  The goal of those phone calls was to make sure that the guy who dissed him didn’t get reelected to his position as Repugnant state chairman.

Keeping in mind that no Regina George would be complete without her Plastics we must turn to the actions of the Repugnants in Congress.  Today they decided it was appropriate to resurrect an old rule that gives them the power to target the salary or funding of any individual federal employee or program.  That’s right, slipped into an appropriations bill, Marge over at the IRS could find herself opening a $1 paycheck if she manages to piss off the right Repugnant.  While the likelihood of this is slim, let’s step back and think about why they feel the need to enact such an antiquated rule?  What is in their sites?  What do they want to wipe out by burying the cut in some piece of legislation?  What has got the plastics in such a riled up state?  Only time will tell, but I pity the poor guy who crosses one of them.

Finally, our trip through the Plastic universe finds us facing the possibility that the Tangerine will be able to reconfigure the Intelligence community.  This one floors me.  We have now seen two actions from that side of the political spectrum designed to limit the powers of those who are there to keep things ethical and legitimate.  In the course of a few days they have proclaimed twice that they don’t need to have the same level of monitoring as others.  Add to this the fact that the Tangerine will be maintaining his own private security on his dime (which means they are loyal to him, not the United States) and we have a perfect set-up for full on bully movie nightmare.

As we continue to fight for survival in our alternate universe and dive into lockers to avoid the gaze of our re-imagined Regina and the Plastics, I feel the need to remind everyone that Regina did not end up winning in the end.  So while the Tangerine could star in his own version of Mean Girls (Mean Orange Pervs), we do have the control here.  School bus anyone?

We have to band together and keep each other informed of these things.  We have to make sure that we are working to spread the truth about what is happening.  Our voices together can create a wall that is greater than anything they could ever construct.  There is a reason why they always show the bully on the losing side of these movies.  It’s because we know that through our voice, through our unity, there is power to turn them away and to reduce them to but an annoyance we once had to endure.

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