The B!%@# has No Plans to Bend Over

Tangerine puckers up yet again.  Raise your hand if you have noticed that every time he puckers up and kisses Putin’s ass it feels like the we are the ones who are taking it in the rear.  Yep, another day of Tangerine tweets and Kremlin colored nightmares.  I don’t actually follow the Tangerine’s twitter feed as I believe he should hold press conferences and face questions from the media.  Since he refuses to do so the media are has taken to re-posting his 140 character ramblings.  

So what Tangerine Tweets have me wondering if the man has bought stock in a personal lubricant company?  The first was one about having a good relationship with Russia.  That’s right, he wants us to be buddies with the burglars who broke into our house and spread lies about us.  After all everyone wants to embrace our violators right?  The second laid blame for the hacking on the DNC (can you say victim shaming?).

You got it, the orange one pulled up  his history as a sexual deviant and chose to go with the age old tactic of blame the victim.  I am not exactly surprised by such a maneuver considering his history and how well it’s been working for him.  “Why yes, I know Putin slipped his hand up her skirt?  He grabbed the DNC by the pussy and gave it a full on digital inspection.  But that never would have happened if she didn’t wear her skirts so short.”

Why did he chose to blame the victim here?  The simple answer, it worked before. The repugnants in this country heard him making derogatory comments about women throughout the election and still voted for him.  They chose not to place blame on the man and instead chose to nod along as he blamed the victims and claimed boys will be boys.

Sadly this sort of victim blaming is to be witnessed all over the internet.  Comment feeds are full of people saying, “What does it matter?  They only revealed the truth.”  How many people would like to have their “truth” revealed by someone who broke into their computers or their homes and exposed it?  Would they pick up the phone and call the police?  Would they be alright if the police were to tell them, “Well it’s all true so we are going to choose to ignore the illegal actions of the perpetrator who broke the law.”

The interference in this election didn’t stop with hacking DNC (Read the US Intelligence Report on the Russian Hacking). Russia paid people to spread false information.  They hired internet trolls to undermine the process.  Fake news was pushed out toward those who were most likely to be susceptible.  Stories that had no basis in fact were tweeted and shared multiple times.  So much so, that people could be heard spouting off these works of fiction as if they were gospel.

Sadly, the fact that this country was subverted by Russia and Putin is not something that many are yet willing to accept.  They are in a state of denial.  Embracing the crime in order to deny that they were a victim.  Fear of looking the fool is forcing them to dig in their heels and demonize those who have exposed the truth.  They are unwilling to see what could happen if this crime goes without full investigation for fear that they might have to accept their own role in what has happened.

It is the fear of those who refuse to see the truth that causes my own worry to grow.  Each day I see the shrugging of the shoulders and the acceptance of the crime.  Years ago they used to teach a woman to scream “fire” if she was attacked.  People knew it would draw attention.  They knew from experience that screaming rape often fell upon deaf ears.  I find myself wondering if it isn’t time for us to shout fire.  To scream at the top of our lungs and hope that it draws attention.  We are two weeks away from becoming an occupied country of sorts.  The US will have at its helm a man who was chosen and installed by the duplicitous actions of a foreign country.  A country that has repeatedly shown contempt toward our way of life will have found way to dictate to us.

As all of this storm rages around us I find myself understanding those who have chosen to live like an ostrich.  Pushing their heads into the sand and hoping that something happens to fix it, to make it go away.  While I understand their desires, I have no false hopes of it suddenly becoming better.  I know that instead of being accepting of what is going on I have to keep throwing my words out there for others to read.  I have to share my thoughts and I have to raise my voice.  We need to stand up every day and remind those around us that this is not normal, this is not acceptable, and doing nothing is not an option.

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