The B!%@# Needs to Find Some Balance

There are days when I wish I didn’t feel the urge to write about things associated with the Tangerine and his repugnants.  You know, perhaps drop a nice story about some silly little oddity that is trending on the internet.  Oh how I miss the days of watching for the giggle stories tumbling across my feed.  Scanning through the headlines looking for something, anything that isn’t about Tangerine or his repugnant minions, I feel like I am searching in vain. There is no shortage of stories or soundbites dedicated to their latest crap.  At least with them there is an ever abundant hat to dip my hand into and draw forth a commentary.

Nepotism does, in fact, live on in the federal government, despite there being a law against it. Apparently the Tangerine is planning on appointing his son-in-law to a position in the White House.  This is unethical, if not illegal  They are trying to skirt the issue by stating that the son-in-law will not draw a salary and that the office of the President doesn’t actually have to follow a 1967 anti-nepotism law.  Oddly that law was enacted because a former President had committed nepotism.  You would think that intelligent people would look at the reason the law was created and get a clue as to who is supposed to follow the law.  But we are talking about the Tangerine, a man who has spent his entire life expecting special treatment.  

Think about this people, I mean it is getting rather deep.  Repeatedly the counsel for the Tangerine-elect has said that certain laws don’t apply to him because he will be President.  If the person elected to the highest office in the land doesn’t actually have to follow the laws of the land… shakes my head in disgust.  This all comes back to the fact that while this reprehensible excuse for a human being showed his true colors throughout the election, people still voted for him.  They patted him on the head and said, “it’s OK that you are pathological liar and think that the rules of society don’t apply to you.  We are still going to vote for you.”

Alright… enough!  I need something uplifting.  We need to be reminded that for every truly frightening person stepping into power, there is another good person in this world.  Even when we are beginning to feel despondent and are shaking our heads in disgust over those who have been bought and sold by the 1%, there are those who truly do listen to us and are willing to stand beside us as we shout NO.

Let’s begin with a lady who exudes class.  When I woke this morning I saw the tweets.  The Tangerine was going after Meryl Streep.  His thin skin had been pricked and he found it important to slam her ability as an actress (despite his own declaration of her in 2015 as exceptional) in response.  Knowing that even the slightest of statements has been shown to send this man off into a dither I pulled up a clip of her speech.  Her words eloquently delivered reminded me of why I have always seen this woman as class personified.  Thank you Meryl for reminding us that there are many who truly do feel that his behavior is not normal and that we can stand against it with class and dignity.

Turning to congress for a moment of uplift coming from an unexpected source, the U.S. Senate.  Getting ready for bed I found myself captivated the broadcast on C-SPAN2.  The Democratic Senators were holding the floor and discussing the need to keep the ACA.  Their voices lifted to explain why a number of people would be devastated to lose the ACA.  The program is anything but perfect and they openly admitted that as they spoke.  They asked that instead of derailing what we have, they consider the good that has been done and look to changing, modifying, or even writing a replacement.  Out of this evening’s speakers I found myself being greatly impressed by Senator Angus King out of Maine.  This man spoke with power and shared a personal story through which he hoped to drive home the need for health care for all.  Thank you to all of the Senators who are standing their ground in congress this evening.

It seems that the next few years are going to be a rather ridiculous carny ride with ups, downs, and lots of nausea as we fight to hold onto our sanity.  I am sure that my sarcasm will scream through post after post as I watch the repugnants do what they will do.  The Tangerine will be a never ending source of lies, bullshit, and vile behavior.  Yet, hopefully we will have more evenings like this one.  Evenings when this B!%@# can look find something to smile about in the actions of those who are willing to continue to stand up against this all and declare it is not normal and we will not accept…(insert repulsive action here).  It’s only beginning… let’s hold on tight and pack lots of Dramamine.

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