The B!%@# Goes to the Doctor…

Thursday morning found me wandering into work not feeling right.  My throat was sore and I knew that I was coming down with something.  Then I received a text, a person I work with would be staying home with strep.  Suddenly that sharp pain in the back of my throat made sense and I knew my coming fate; days flat on my arse in bed while I cursed my normally great immune system’s Achilles heel…strep.

So here we are four days later and I still don’t feel 100%, but the fever has subsided and I can swallow things without bringing forth images of cheese graters.  It’s been a process:  sleep, wake, pills, watch some show on Netflix while semi-conscious, sleep, wake, pills, and repeat.  This morning I found myself in that state of ache, the one you can only get from laying around on your arse for too long.  It was then resolved that I would crawl my way out of bed and at least spend the day upright at my desk chair while I tried to catch up on the world.

Flipping through my news feed, my FB feed, and all my other assorted sources of information, it seemed that three days of semi-conscious existence had not really left me too far out of the loop.  The Repugnants are still going after social programs and plotting ways to give the wealthy more money.  The Tangerine is still thin-skinned and can’t resist embarrassing himself and the country with his twitter tantrums.  The day of the inauguration is creeping ever closer.  Friday the 20th, the day when the nation becomes the dimwitted B-movie victim dashing up the stairs to avoid the slasher killer when instead they should have sprinted out the front door.

Considering my position for the last three days (stuck in bed and sick) I find myself drawn back to the actions of the Repugnants in relation to the ACA.  Am I the only one who can’t get over the fact these sneaky SOB’s seem to love to do things in the middle of the night.  It’s no wonder some people are afraid of the dark that’s when all the back dealing, soul selling seems to be happening in congress.

When it comes to their actions regarding the ACA,  I don’t understand them on this issue.   Are they so in the pockets of the insurance companies that they have lost sight of the value of health care for everyone?  Do they truly not care that they will be relegating so many people to a state of desperation?  Are they so concerned with providing tax cuts to the wealthy that they are willing to condemn so many for so few?  It seems that despite the fact that so many people have been demanding that they fix, not repeal the ACA, the Repugnants have set their sights on the program.  

The internet is loaded with stories at the moment.  Every time a repugnant posts requests for stories to support the repeal of the program they find their comments filled with fifty stories of how the program positively impacted someone’s life.  There are stories of lives being saved and children receiving care.  There are people who were able to see the doctor for the first time in years and people who finally received treatment they never thought they could afford.  

There are some stories of dissent, the majority of which focus upon money.  Here the people tend to be divided into two camps: the one’s complaining about their premiums and the one’s complaining about having to pay for others to get health care.  To the first set I always reply, ask the insurance companies why they believe their profit margins have to be astronomically high. To the second set I resist the urge to throttle them as they expose their self-centered nature to the world.

Let me be upfront by saying, I have health insurance.  I am in a position that allows me to purchase it through my employer and I pay a rather large premium each month to maintain it for myself and my teenage daughter.  I am fortunate that I am able to do so.  Which is why when I came down with strep on Thursday I went to the doctor.  I got in that day, paid my copay, got my prescription, and went home to collapse in bed.  

Unfortunately for many those options are not always available.  Through the implementation of the ACA options were becoming more accessible.  But now who knows how many will be left doing the emergency room shuffle as they wait it out and finally have no choice but to go to the ER.  How many people will go without seeing a doctor and will miss a diagnosis that could save their lives?  

Health care is one of those human rights that really shouldn’t be treated as a privilege. This is the one area that can leave people feeling the most desperate.  People who are left desperate do unexpected things.  How many times have we seen stories of good people doing bad things because someone they loved was ill and couldn’t afford the care?  It happens and it shouldn’t.  We should be strong enough as a society to acknowledge that every person has a right to equal levels of health care.  Our need to get ahead in life should not outweigh others health care needs.  If you want to mess with people’s health care then by all means don’t cover the elective stuff like plastic surgery and hair plugs.  Hell the Tangerine seems to be doing just fine with his orange do.

So yes, the B!%@# went to the doctor on Thursday and I am fortunate that I was able to do so.  Perhaps we need to find a way in this country to get to the point where it shouldn’t be considered a fortunate thing, but a guaranteed thing.  

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