The B!%@# Went Walking…

Today I participated in a Women’s March.  It was small in comparison to the larger marches that took place around the world.  But nonetheless it was uplifting.  I have found myself feeling depressed and downtrodden the last two days.  The eve of the inauguration had my anxiety levels through the roof and the day itself had me wanting to rip someone’s head off and shove it firmly up their posterior.  With such levels of emotion running through me, I would not have thought that a march would even bring a dent.  But it did and for that I am indeed grateful.  

The feeling this morning was one of unity.  I had dragged my teenage daughter along with me and she soon dove into the momentum and embraced the atmosphere.  She circled the crowd and live streamed the event.  I followed her as we listened to the speakers touching on diverse issues.  Each speaker fed into a common theme: unity, perseverance, and equality.  The excitement of the people was palpable and you could tell that many had come to this event feeling just as despondent as I had been.  Yet here, together in this group, we found the strength to say that we would continue and that we would not stop until we had achieved what we demanded.

There were marches all around the world.  The numbers were immense with USA Today stating  that over 2 million people participated in these marches.  People stood up and showed the incoming administration that we value the rights of women, we value human rights, and that we were not going to sit idly by while a man who had so openly demonstrated contempt for women took control.  These marches were covered on social media and of course, drew criticism from those who didn’t understand why we were out there walking.

For me the idea of marching was never something that I questioned.  I knew that I would be participating as soon as I heard of the movement.  But for some there was no understanding of our purpose, they could not understand why it is that we felt the need to march.  They posted inflammatory comments on stories carried on social media, telling us to go home to our children and to stop complaining.  Yet at the very moment we were marching, in Washington, the Tangerine was broadly illustrating exactly why it is so very important for all of us to stand up and say NO to him and his administration.

Today the Tangerine was stood in front of a group from the CIA giving a speech (full text here).  It is almost incomprehensible and rather difficult to follow, a convoluted hodgepodge of things that all seemed to be weaved together by some faint almost undetectable thread.  A thread reminiscent of the ramblings of those caught within the onset of dementia.  The Tangerine’s tangents flew in many directions.  He proclaimed himself to be an extremely smart man who believes he is ordained by god (yes he claimed that god prevented it from raining on his speech) and he is the victim of the “dishonest media.”

Tossed into this speech you will also find mention of going to Iraq and stealing their oil fields, with an offhand remark referring to “having another chance.”  You will also read about ISIS in the broadest of terms, with him mentioning eliminating them entirely from the face of the Earth using all means necessary.  The all means necessary part is what frightens me. This man has demonstrated an obsession with nuclear weapons.  I would not put it past him to kill millions of innocent people all under the guise of getting ISIS.  Let’s face it, he has no love for people of different races and he’s not going to think twice.

As I returned home this evening and I read through this speech I found myself wanting to throw excerpts of it at those who were telling me to go home and stop marching.  I wanted to pull pieces of the Tangerine’s depressive inauguration speech and throw those them and scream, “this is why we march.”

Whenever you have a person in charge who is so fixated on himself and how great he is, you come to realize pretty quick that he will have little on his agenda beyond his own personal interests.  Through his removal of civil rights, LGBT, disabilities, and climate change from the White House webpage, he has demonstrated to the word that his fixation will be completely on making money for his wealthy friends while declaring “be damned” to people and the environment.  It is for those reasons and so many more that we marched today and will continue to scream at the top of our lungs.  We support human rights.

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