The B!%@# Wants to Leave Something Better

Four days!  That is the length of time that Tangerine has been in office.  I find myself in a constant state of personal turmoil.  I want to run up to the people I know who voted for this man, grab them by the arms and shake them while I scream, “WHAT DID YOU DO?” Every single day has felt as if I am trapped in a nightmare and unable to wake myself. Within this nightmare there is an orange boogeyman who has invaded the White House.  A boogeyman who is determined to shred decency, promote money, and violate whomever crosses his path.  While most boogeymen are the construct of an overactive imagination, this one is proving to be all too real.

Our boogeyman seems to become more of what was imagined with each passing day.  As he stood on his little stages during the campaign spewing his hate, too many bought into the hype and sang his praises.  While others justified their choice to back him by saying he was only spinning rhetoric and wouldn’t do the really bad stuff.  They wanted to buy a piece of candy while leaving the bag behind.  Through denial and self-induced delusions they chose to believe the hype, they chose ignore everything else in support of their personal hot button issue.  They fitted themselves with blinders and ignored the evil that oozed from this man’s pores.  

So what vile little action has got me wanting to toss the Tangerine in a juicer today?  Today he decided that he would toss the environment into his ever growing heap of garbage. With the stroke of a pen he put profit over people and green lit the pipelines.  Which really shouldn’t surprise anyone as he has already shown he has absolutely no respect for the environment.  According to him  climate change is a Chinese hoax and he proved that by scrubbing any reference to it from the White House webpage.

Sadly, I would say that his actions regarding the pipelines are just a small taste of the damage he plans to do to the environment.  His choice to issue a gag order to the scientists who work for the EPA and USDA signals that we are just getting started and that he has quite a few more things to tick off his list as he declares environment be damned.  Don’t even get me started on how comfortable I feel about eating with him including the scientists from the USDA in his little gag order.  This does not exactly inspire confidence in the whole process of ensuring that food in this country is safe.

I don’t exactly rest easy with the idea of the environment becoming a casualty of the wants of the rich.  I don’t like the idea of the Tangerine and his buddies lining their pockets while they create these messes. Why are they so damned fixated on maintaining fossil fuel?  It has been proven to do damage the world around us.  It is a limited resource and drilling/mining for it provides a temporary fix that creates more problems than it’s worth.

As I saw the announcement of today’s actions come tumbling across my news feed I found myself wanting to sit down and cry.  When we bring children into this world we hope for them to inherit something better.  We may not know for certain what better will be, but we find that we make choices with a thought of another at our forefront.  It is not just my child that I wish to leave something better for.  I want to leave something better for all children.  The generations yet to be born are all deserving of something that is worth having.  They should not be condemned to clean up a mess that was created through shortsightedness and selfish indulgence.

This brings me to tomorrow… the indulgence he intends to sign into being.  It has been announced that he will sign an order beginning the construction of his wall.  Wrapped into his command for his little erection he also intends to shut down access to the United States for refugees and go after the sanctuary cities.  I can’t help but feel my heart break as I imagine people turned away from help.  I can’t help but wonder why it is that so many can be supportive of harming others.  What makes it alright to turn your back on children simply because they come from another country?

I long ago decided that the Tangerine had something seriously wrong with him.  His obsession with declaring himself to be better than everyone else reminds me of a toddler. His need to build a wall brings to mind silly little men who needed to validate themselves with statuary.  His fixation with dollars and cents makes we wonder what is lacking in his world.  I also have found myself wondering exactly what kind of people could get behind a man who is so utterly absorbed in himself, a man who has demonstrated to the world repeatedly that he is a pathological liar.  I have my thoughts… but for now they will remain trapped within my mind, thoughts that rattle around while I try to make sense of them.  For now I will simply say, this B!%@# doesn’t like I see.

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