The B!%@# Wants Them to See

There is much going on in the world and many of us are in a perpetual state of shock.  Each day new events unfold and each evening we retire to our beds hoping that tomorrow will be normal.  We close our eyes and hope that perhaps tomorrow we won’t have to utter the words, “what the hell will he do now?”

Each day I come across those who tell me that they cannot deal with this right now.  They want to close their browsers, turn off their TVs, disconnect from the News, and pretend like there are no big issues.  They want to tumble back into a state of self-induced complacency.  A place where they understood the world to be a flawed, but hoped it was at its core a pleasant place.  They want to be able to make their small comments of complaint regarding their hot-button issues while ignoring the rest of what is occurring in this world

How do I tell them that their complacency contributes to the mess?  What words do you use to let a person know that their choice of sliding those blinders on and ignoring what is occurring around them helped to validate the state of affairs?  Honestly, I don’t know what you can say to those who are so used to curling up inside fake reality television while losing touch with reality.  I wish I knew how to shake them from their safe place, to show them what they have helped to create.

Our country was making some very good strides toward a level of equality.  We had quite a distance to go, but for the first time in a long time we were gaining ground and actually seeing the problems.  One cannot change what one refuses to see and for the first time in a very long time, we were actually opening our eyes.  The majority of the population in the United States were recognizing that changes needed to continue to happen.

Unfortunately there were still many who were lost within the catatonia of nostalgia, the ones who would rather not see.  Those lost within that state were angered by those who made them see what had been there all along.  They cursed the light of exposition and blamed the state of the world not on the actions of those who discriminated but instead on those who showed them the discrimination exists.

Throughout our history as a country we have had problems.  We did not start out as a place of equality.  What began as a grand idea also had quite a few problems in its inception.  Those of different races entered into this country with a mark against them as they were considered less valuable than those who were white.  Women were considered less than a man and found their life choices dictated by others.  To have differing sexual preferences from the norm would often result in whispers and ostracization from the world around you.  When this grand experiment began there were many things to fix.

Over time things have changed and the world has adjusted to those changes.  Women started to find more freedom and over time women’s issues actually found a voice. Minorities gained protections under the law that prevented others from discriminating against them.  Within the last decade we have seen laws finally passed to ensure that those who are part of the LGBTQ community are protected from discrimination as well. Yet, even with these changes and adjustments there is much to gain on all fronts.  We still have ground to gain before all people in this country are treated with equality.  We cannot allow those in power to draw us all into a catatonic state of nostalgia, a longing for a time of perfection that never did exist.

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