The B!%@# Doesn’t Like This Detour

We were growing.  We were becoming a country of acceptance.  Each day we were opening our eyes more to the potential of who we could be when we embraced the diversity that is us.  There was an undercurrent in this country, one that found us dropping the need to judge others and embracing the idea that we could build each other up even when our cultures and backgrounds were different.  There was a trail opening, broadening with each passing day.  

Unfortunately for this country we have been dragged off the trail and dropped in the middle of the woods.  The monsters that had been beat back and forced to curb their appetite for hatred have reappeared.  This detour was not one that many could foresee, as we had found ourselves looking toward a time of love and acceptance.  We missed the roar of the beasts as the slammed against all that had been accomplished, dragging us off course with a willingness to destroy hope as they began to roam free again.

This evening saw the announcement of the Tangerine’s nominee for the Supreme Court. Tomorrow I will sit down and read the information available about who he is and what he has done to deserve this nomination.  Considering the track record of every single person that has been nominated by that creature, I am not expecting to be impressed. It seems to me that each person being put forth by this administration is, by design, chosen to drive my respect for this country to a new low.  

Frankly I find this whole situation to be wretched.  The repugnants essentially spent the last eight years being obstructionists.  They worked incessantly to impede each and everything that came before them.  If it did not have a repugnant label attached to it they were not interested in supporting it.  When the time came for a vacated seat on the Supreme Court to be filled, they held their breath, stomped their feet, and decided that they would not allow it.  When it looked as if they would lose the election, they doubled down on their tantrum and proclaimed that they would deny any nominee to come from the Democrats.  

Now the repugs and their supporters are out in droves demanding that the Democrats confirm the nomination of the Tangerine.  They are pointing fingers and sneering at the mention of their candidate being blocked from the courts.  Somehow they feel they have the moral high ground in this situation and yet, I find myself eternally put off by their behavior.  What little respect I had for some of the moderate repugs has long faded.  Their hypocrisy is palpable and I cannot see a redemption.

As the days slide by I am finding myself more and more at odds with this country.  There seems to be an underlying hate buried under the guise of good Christian values.  It is a pitiful stench that I can no longer stomach.  Sitting behind a desk at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue there is a man who oozes hate and avarice.  He does not hide his disdain for the beauty that was developing in this country.  Instead he peers at those who promoted love, tolerance, and acceptance with an animosity that is unmistakable.

We can’t afford to spend money on welfare, food stamps, or veterans benefits because that “promotes dependence.”  Yet we have 30 billion dollars to spend on a wall that will do absolutely nothing of value.  The repugnants proclaim fiscal responsibility but are willing to burn money on a completely worthless piece of architecture.  What is lacking in their souls that they see concrete more valuable than people?

The repugs and the majority of those who vote for them claim to be Christians.  Yet they appear to ascribe to the most vile collection of behaviors known to man.  They support the degradation of women, minorities, the LGBTQ communities, and those of differing religions.  To them the destruction of the planet is nothing to be concerned about and they see no need to leave an inhabitable Earth behind for future generations.

Each day I read ramblings of some self described “good Christian” who rants about taking care of their own kind first.  What kind is that?  Idiot?  Bigot?  Racist?  What about just taking care of humankind?  Why is it so hard to understand that by putting one people above you are risking the retribution of those who you so readily placed below.

Our world has the potential of being a true place of beauty.  Yet for some reason, we as human beings continually do what we can to undermine our own existence.  We know that we are dependent upon each other, yet we work to alienate those around us.  We fixate on things that promote wealth for the few and bastardize the majority when they seek help to survive.  People have the possibility of loving and accepting each other, but it seems that we aren’t ready yet.



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