The B!%@# Never Could Stomach That Show

The day found the Tangerine speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast.  During his speech he focused on his favorite subject, himself.  He extolled his deranged virtues and shared with the room how great he was in comparison to the rest of the world.  While speaking at an event attended by many different religious leaders, you would think that the man would demonstrate a bit of humility or perhaps even stay on topic.  But no, he used it as a platform to thrust jabs at his reality TV successor and the failing ratings of the show.

The Apprentice and all of its incarnations have always been what I would consider to be a waste of time.  The concept is contrived and from the first episode it was an obvious way for the Tangerine to feed into his narcissism.  His over inflated opinion of himself was quite obvious as he sat in his boardroom and declared people unworthy.  Undoubtedly, I wish for the days when he was that inconsequential prick who sat on the other side of a table and uttered some petulant catch phrase.

This evening, a woman on one of my feeds mentioned watching the show to spite the comments the Tangerine’s comments.  While it seems, on the surface, to be an idea with some merit, one has to remember that he is still listed as a producer and therefore will make money from the show.  Increasing its ratings to spite him would only add more money to his bank accounts.

There are days when I find myself considering the possibility that we are all in some crazy reality show.  Perhaps there is some strange audience glued to their televisions shaking   their heads shaking in disbelief as they listen to the maniacal ramblings of the orange despot.   Perhaps we could convince them to change the channel, find another show, and allow us to escape the world we have somehow become trapped within.

Alas there is no remote and there is no interruption of this broadcast.  We cannot pause the show already in progress to share a more pressing message.  This is the world we are living in.  We reside in a place where a man stood in front of a room full of clergy and postulated on how he achieved greater ratings than his successor.  We live in a world where the leader of this country chose to remove the KKK and other white supremacist groups from the terror watch lists on the very day that he was to speak to representatives of religion (the supposed messengers of love and what is right).

I wish I could say that I was surprised.  However if I were to feign astonishment and shock it would be belittling to anyone with half a brain.  This country has long used religion as a weapon, yet rarely can you find someone who lives by it.  There are people all over this country who will look you in the eye and with a straight face, explain to you how their vote for the Tangerine was a righteous one.  They will profess that by electing a man who lies, cheats, steals, and degrades others, they were standing up for their religion.  Those same people will call foul of those who wish to demonstrate love and kindness to others.

Religion has long been a great separator of people.  Each sect falling in line behind their beliefs, using those beliefs to declare others wrong and themselves right.  Christians who claim to live by the teachings of Jesus are often the first to judge and demoralize those who are not of their religion.  They will commit crimes against the Earth while claiming a god given right to prosperity.  They will route another people from the very face of the planet and then claim it was acceptable as their victims were not “born again.”

Oddly it really isn’t much different from the actions of the Tangerine as he sat behind his board room table.  He sat on high in his tower and watched the actions of others.  Then he declared them to be inferior and unable to meet his standards.  Those who sat on the other side of the table were challenged to prove they were right and they should be spared his judgement.  It was, from the onset, a separation of people, a chance to judge and lift one above the rest under the guise of superiority.  In that room the religion was business, but hold no doubt, it was still a religion.  It was still a time to use a weapon against others and caste them aside.

So today the man with the tangerine hue stood before a group of clergy and he once again preached from his pulpit.  He claimed himself grand and others less.  He joked about the lack of success he perceived in others and left the meeting puffed with a delusion of righteousness and grand design.  It was that man who entered the White House.  It was that man whom others have come to know as the representative of this country.  It is that ridiculous low budget, classless, sideshow clown that the religious right have declared their savior.  Inexplicably, I find  it to be a rather suitable match.  Now if only we could get someone to change the channel.

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