The B!%@# Values Education

The uneducated are doomed to repeat a history they know nothing about.  For years education has been under assault.  We live in a country that relies upon the ability of our citizens to make educated and informed decisions.  This country works best when its population has learned how to think critically about the issues.  We do not function well when we are indoctrinating and/or brainwashing our citizens into following a dictated set of beliefs.  An educated populace is one that is less likely to be corralled into the role of chattel.

The confirmation of DeVos sent a shiver down my spine.  Truth be told, I spent the day trying to avoid the news.  There was no doubt in my mind that the Repugnants would vote in spite of their constituency.  While there were two who listened to their constituents and voted against her, the rest of the Repugnants toed the party line or were paid for by the DeVos family donations.

Through their devotion to money and party, the Repugnants sold the children of this country to the highest bidder.  They guaranteed that a woman who has effectively destroyed the Detroit schools has a hand in dictating educational policy throughout the nation.  There was no consideration for the hundreds of thousands of people who contacted them asking them to deny her nomination.

Education professionals were discounted and their opinions were devalued.  These politicians decided that people who have spent years earning degrees and specializing in the field of education should have to answer to a woman who has absolutely no educational experience.  They declared that while they expected teachers to be highly qualified they did not see a need for the head of the Department of Education to actually know anything about education.

Why do I think the Repugnants made such a choice?  Are there reasons beyond having their lips surgically attached to the Tangerine’s posterior?  We all have our theories. Personally I believe that it’s about opening the doors to the idea of privatizing education, another way for corporations to earn money while ensuring that the poor have a minimum education.  The emphasis being on the word minimum, as the Tangerine has declared he does love the poorly educated.

The poorly educated are less likely to think for themselves.  Generally those who are lacking in critical thinking skills gravitate to television networks such as Faux News.  They find there, an unhealthy dose of hate and sensationalized reporting.  In the sound bites their lack of education is catered to and reaffirmed.  These people become the one issue voters that don’t take into account all the damage that can be done through their tunnel vision.  So naturally the Tangerine wants to cultivate more of that type of voter.

As a child I was encouraged to think for myself.  We had an expectation that we would learn and form our own opinions based on the facts available. One did not make assumptions without evidence and all evidence was to be evaluated for authenticity and application.  Our critical nature even led my brother to create a website for the sole purpose of presenting documentation on the issues, cases are presented and debated.

Perhaps the appointment of DeVos is a way for the administration to try and ensure that there are plenty of poorly educated voters out there for the Tangerine to love.  This is not something that we should accept.  We as a people are going to have to step up and realize that it is time to push back.  Society is going to have to encourage and value education that leads to critical thinking.  It might be the only way to correct the damage that has yet to unfold.



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