The B!%@# Hates Conspiracy Theories… But Lately Even I am…

What will it take?  I find myself asking this question on a daily basis.  Each and everyday there is a new revelation and still there are those who say, “hey it’s okay.”  They stand up and shout “make America great again.”  These people do not want to see how others see this country.  They also do not see the shame growing on the faces of their fellow citizens with each passing day.

There are many who are standing up and shouting about the problems.  They organize and they try to put together ways to show disapproval for the things going on in Washington. Yet even as these people pull out piles of evidence and facts demonstrating that we have a serious problem brewing in this nation’s capital, the blinders are still ever present.  The shouts of “MAGA” bury the calls for action and close their ears to truth.  Their refusal to see the problems is what guts me.  How is it possible that people can be so utterly and completely willfully blinded to what is happening?

Where I live, I see a constant crop of people who vote against their best interest.  They vote for politicians who are set on removing programs that would benefit them.  In an area of the country where at least 28% of the population lives in poverty and the median household income is $36,872, approximately 75% of the ballots cast in the last election were for the Tangerine.  In this area the majority of the population will be slammed by the proposed actions of the repugnants, yet they consistently vote for them.  It’s as if they hear the mention of tax cuts and they somehow believe that those are meant for them. They never seem to check the fine print.  Then when they find themselves on the losing side of this situation they always throw the blame at the Democrats.

Consistently over the last 30 years the repugnants have been the party of small government, if you consider only their actions to remove regulations on the corporations and the wealthy.  They are the party that continually works to reduce the taxes of the upper 5%.  They want to cut out regulations that reduce the profit margins of companies and banks.  Additionally the seek to protect those same companies, millionaires, and banks from repercussions when their actions cause harm to a consumer through the reduction of litigation options.

And contrary to the wishful thinking of those who vote for them, they don’t actually want to actually ensure personal liberties.  They want to issue plenty of regulations and laws aimed at increasing control over women’s rights, the LGBTQ, and minorities.

To further demonstrate their lack of consideration for individuals, they seek to cut and well flat out gut those programs which service our most vulnerable citizens (because well you know we have to give the wealthy more tax cuts and increase those profit margins). Health care is not a right they want to extend to every citizen.  Some repugnants have even taken to saying that the poor should simply choose between a phone and health care. There have been recent announcements of plans to do away with the EPA (because they regulate businesses and protect the environment – which is shared by everyone). Today the popular Meals on Wheels program came under fire as it appears that the budget cuts heading toward the Dept of Housing and Urban Development will effectively wipe out this program leaving thousands of elderly hungry.

As one reads of the proposed budget coming from the Tangerine one has to wonder whether this country will ever turn around and be something worth supporting.  There is this idea of dumping billions of dollars into the military and one has to ask what the purpose of such a choice is?  What do they hope to accomplish by dumping more money into a military whose budget already exceeds more than the next 8 nations combined?

It’s very hard to not fall into the realm of conspiracy theories as one watches the actions of this particular White House.  There is a sense about all of this that makes one feel as if we won’t be coming out the other side of this anytime soon.  Will we find ourselves a military state?  Will we end up trapped in a country that is so hated by the rest of the world that we will have no way of leaving?  I have never been a person who buys into the concepts of conspiracy theories, but as each event or new revelation unfolds before us and nothing happens… no actions are taken against them and more limitations are placed upon the whistle blowers… I find myself wondering and waiting.  Are we ever going to actually turn the lens on them or are we going to turn every new revelation as yet another excuse to investigate those who expose their shit?



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