The B!%@# Hates Conspiracy Theories… But Lately Even I am…

What will it take?  I find myself asking this question on a daily basis.  Each and everyday there is a new revelation and still there are those who say, “hey it’s okay.”  They stand up and shout “make America great again.”  These people do not want to see how others see this country.  They also do not see the shame growing on the faces of their fellow citizens with each passing day.

There are many who are standing up and shouting about the problems.  They organize and they try to put together ways to show disapproval for the things going on in Washington. Yet even as these people pull out piles of evidence and facts demonstrating that we have a serious problem brewing in this nation’s capital, the blinders are still ever present.  The shouts of “MAGA” bury the calls for action and close their ears to truth.  Their refusal to see the problems is what guts me.  How is it possible that people can be so utterly and completely willfully blinded to what is happening?

Where I live, I see a constant crop of people who vote against their best interest.  They vote for politicians who are set on removing programs that would benefit them.  In an area of the country where at least 28% of the population lives in poverty and the median household income is $36,872, approximately 75% of the ballots cast in the last election were for the Tangerine.  In this area the majority of the population will be slammed by the proposed actions of the repugnants, yet they consistently vote for them.  It’s as if they hear the mention of tax cuts and they somehow believe that those are meant for them. They never seem to check the fine print.  Then when they find themselves on the losing side of this situation they always throw the blame at the Democrats.

Consistently over the last 30 years the repugnants have been the party of small government, if you consider only their actions to remove regulations on the corporations and the wealthy.  They are the party that continually works to reduce the taxes of the upper 5%.  They want to cut out regulations that reduce the profit margins of companies and banks.  Additionally the seek to protect those same companies, millionaires, and banks from repercussions when their actions cause harm to a consumer through the reduction of litigation options.

And contrary to the wishful thinking of those who vote for them, they don’t actually want to actually ensure personal liberties.  They want to issue plenty of regulations and laws aimed at increasing control over women’s rights, the LGBTQ, and minorities.

To further demonstrate their lack of consideration for individuals, they seek to cut and well flat out gut those programs which service our most vulnerable citizens (because well you know we have to give the wealthy more tax cuts and increase those profit margins). Health care is not a right they want to extend to every citizen.  Some repugnants have even taken to saying that the poor should simply choose between a phone and health care. There have been recent announcements of plans to do away with the EPA (because they regulate businesses and protect the environment – which is shared by everyone). Today the popular Meals on Wheels program came under fire as it appears that the budget cuts heading toward the Dept of Housing and Urban Development will effectively wipe out this program leaving thousands of elderly hungry.

As one reads of the proposed budget coming from the Tangerine one has to wonder whether this country will ever turn around and be something worth supporting.  There is this idea of dumping billions of dollars into the military and one has to ask what the purpose of such a choice is?  What do they hope to accomplish by dumping more money into a military whose budget already exceeds more than the next 8 nations combined?

It’s very hard to not fall into the realm of conspiracy theories as one watches the actions of this particular White House.  There is a sense about all of this that makes one feel as if we won’t be coming out the other side of this anytime soon.  Will we find ourselves a military state?  Will we end up trapped in a country that is so hated by the rest of the world that we will have no way of leaving?  I have never been a person who buys into the concepts of conspiracy theories, but as each event or new revelation unfolds before us and nothing happens… no actions are taken against them and more limitations are placed upon the whistle blowers… I find myself wondering and waiting.  Are we ever going to actually turn the lens on them or are we going to turn every new revelation as yet another excuse to investigate those who expose their shit?



The B!%@# Likes to Speak Her Mind

The evening saw many sitting down to watch the Super Bowl and admittedly I was not one of them.  I have no affinity for football and have determined that I have better things to do with my time.  So each year as people gather for parties and scream at the television, I find something else to do.  The one thing, like many, that I do partake in is the commercials. Although due to a lack of television, I generally have to wait a few days before they appear on the internet.

If you think about it, the Super Bowl is the one time when people actually sit down to watch a commercial.  With the advent of the DVR and various other options, very few people watch commercials willingly.  But during this event people seek out the advertisements.  There will be conversations.  They will be nitpicked apart and people will deem this one the best and that one the worst.  The annual tradition of commercial dissection in the break room will commence on the morrow.

Normally I have to wait a day or two for the commercials to fully find root online.  However this evening there are two that seem to have already raised both praise, as well as ire.  The first, a beer commercial, started making its rounds on the internet a few days before the game.  In this commercial the viewer watched an immigrant as he made his way from Germany to the United States.  As the story unfolds, people scream at him and tell him to go back where he came from, he escapes a burning boat, and the viewer roots for him as he perseveres.  People have read much into this commercial over the past few days and they seem to note a message about immigration.

Admittedly I first watched this commercial due to the rants I saw appearing in the comments on my FB feed.  There were people speaking of boycotting the beer, while others who never drink were planning on buying a six pack just to support the company. When I first watched it I could see the undertones that many were seeing.  I would have to wonder though if I read into the commercial due to the state of the world. Did I see something that was never meant to be there simply because we are faced with a world that is targeting immigrants?  Or did the company grow a pair and remind the world that we are a country of immigrants?

The second commercial that brought ire this evening came from a lumber company.  This spot depicts the journey of a woman and her daughter as they come to this country from Mexico.  Apparently part of it was edited out (the wall) due to it being deemed too controversial for the Super Bowl.  The complete ad is on their website or can be found on YouTube.  This one had all the feels that I have come to expect from many of these spots.  The little girl tugged at my heart and the desperation on the mother’s face is something that any mother could recognize.  In her eyes was the need to make their lives into something better for her daughter’s sake.

Both of these advertisements are drawing the rage of  xenophobes all over the country. People are calling for boycotts.  They are stomping their feet and declaring it unfair that these companies brought politics into their football game.  One person commented that “nothing was sacred anymore” because the companies had defiled their little game with a human’s rights issue.  What do these people expect to happen?  Do they truly believe that these companies should shove their heads up their backsides and ignore the world in which they live?

You know, I don’t believe that corporations should have person hood and I don’t think that they should be able to donate to political campaigns.  But that being said, I really have no problem with companies sharing their view on the state of the world.  If I disagree with their view I won’t purchase their products.  If I agree with what they have to say, I might purchase their products if I need them.  It’s pretty simple and rather straightforward. Don’t like a company, don’t patronize them.

What has happened in this country that we find it so easy to bastardize either celebrities or companies that share their view on the world?  Why do we find it so reasonable to scream that they should shut up and need to keep their voices to themselves?  You know, there are quite a few idiots in this world who I would love to slip a gag on and call it a day.  But I remind myself every time that when I encourage others to be gagged I am opening the door to the removal of my right to speak and that is not a right I am willing to abandon anytime soon.

Recently we have seen the press secretary of the White House telling the press to “shut up.”  We have seen people all over the internet calling Liberals names and telling them to shut their traps and accept the state of things.  There are generally people spouting off at each other on a daily basis.  Each one telling the other that they don’t have the right to share their thoughts.

We don’t have to like what others say and we certainly do not have to tolerate hate in our lives, but we can’t deny the right to speak.  When we start calling for others to lose a right we are volunteering to surrender our right as well.  With the Tangerine in office it is all to easy to fall into a trap in which we scream “shut up” at those who share his way of thinking.  People who realized that their hatred was reviled have exposed themselves to the light as they have come to believe that his vile behavior makes it alright to be a racist, a bigot, a xenophobe, or a sexist.  They are running around allowing their hate to ooze so freely that those who are opposed to them are finding ourselves trapped in a never ending loop of rage.  Yet, even as they rant and ramble we have to remember that we cannot deny their right to speak.  We can however, deny them an audience.

If a person spouts hate, turn your back on them and walk away.  When a person argues for exclusion present them with a plea for inclusion.  Give the vile no validation and ensure that every bit of venom is ignored and ostracized.  It is our duty as human beings to show these people that while they have right to speak their mind, they do not have the right to expect anyone to agree with them.



The B!%@# Never Could Stomach That Show

The day found the Tangerine speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast.  During his speech he focused on his favorite subject, himself.  He extolled his deranged virtues and shared with the room how great he was in comparison to the rest of the world.  While speaking at an event attended by many different religious leaders, you would think that the man would demonstrate a bit of humility or perhaps even stay on topic.  But no, he used it as a platform to thrust jabs at his reality TV successor and the failing ratings of the show.

The Apprentice and all of its incarnations have always been what I would consider to be a waste of time.  The concept is contrived and from the first episode it was an obvious way for the Tangerine to feed into his narcissism.  His over inflated opinion of himself was quite obvious as he sat in his boardroom and declared people unworthy.  Undoubtedly, I wish for the days when he was that inconsequential prick who sat on the other side of a table and uttered some petulant catch phrase.

This evening, a woman on one of my feeds mentioned watching the show to spite the comments the Tangerine’s comments.  While it seems, on the surface, to be an idea with some merit, one has to remember that he is still listed as a producer and therefore will make money from the show.  Increasing its ratings to spite him would only add more money to his bank accounts.

There are days when I find myself considering the possibility that we are all in some crazy reality show.  Perhaps there is some strange audience glued to their televisions shaking   their heads shaking in disbelief as they listen to the maniacal ramblings of the orange despot.   Perhaps we could convince them to change the channel, find another show, and allow us to escape the world we have somehow become trapped within.

Alas there is no remote and there is no interruption of this broadcast.  We cannot pause the show already in progress to share a more pressing message.  This is the world we are living in.  We reside in a place where a man stood in front of a room full of clergy and postulated on how he achieved greater ratings than his successor.  We live in a world where the leader of this country chose to remove the KKK and other white supremacist groups from the terror watch lists on the very day that he was to speak to representatives of religion (the supposed messengers of love and what is right).

I wish I could say that I was surprised.  However if I were to feign astonishment and shock it would be belittling to anyone with half a brain.  This country has long used religion as a weapon, yet rarely can you find someone who lives by it.  There are people all over this country who will look you in the eye and with a straight face, explain to you how their vote for the Tangerine was a righteous one.  They will profess that by electing a man who lies, cheats, steals, and degrades others, they were standing up for their religion.  Those same people will call foul of those who wish to demonstrate love and kindness to others.

Religion has long been a great separator of people.  Each sect falling in line behind their beliefs, using those beliefs to declare others wrong and themselves right.  Christians who claim to live by the teachings of Jesus are often the first to judge and demoralize those who are not of their religion.  They will commit crimes against the Earth while claiming a god given right to prosperity.  They will route another people from the very face of the planet and then claim it was acceptable as their victims were not “born again.”

Oddly it really isn’t much different from the actions of the Tangerine as he sat behind his board room table.  He sat on high in his tower and watched the actions of others.  Then he declared them to be inferior and unable to meet his standards.  Those who sat on the other side of the table were challenged to prove they were right and they should be spared his judgement.  It was, from the onset, a separation of people, a chance to judge and lift one above the rest under the guise of superiority.  In that room the religion was business, but hold no doubt, it was still a religion.  It was still a time to use a weapon against others and caste them aside.

So today the man with the tangerine hue stood before a group of clergy and he once again preached from his pulpit.  He claimed himself grand and others less.  He joked about the lack of success he perceived in others and left the meeting puffed with a delusion of righteousness and grand design.  It was that man who entered the White House.  It was that man whom others have come to know as the representative of this country.  It is that ridiculous low budget, classless, sideshow clown that the religious right have declared their savior.  Inexplicably, I find  it to be a rather suitable match.  Now if only we could get someone to change the channel.

The B!%@# Wants to Leave Something Better

Four days!  That is the length of time that Tangerine has been in office.  I find myself in a constant state of personal turmoil.  I want to run up to the people I know who voted for this man, grab them by the arms and shake them while I scream, “WHAT DID YOU DO?” Every single day has felt as if I am trapped in a nightmare and unable to wake myself. Within this nightmare there is an orange boogeyman who has invaded the White House.  A boogeyman who is determined to shred decency, promote money, and violate whomever crosses his path.  While most boogeymen are the construct of an overactive imagination, this one is proving to be all too real.

Our boogeyman seems to become more of what was imagined with each passing day.  As he stood on his little stages during the campaign spewing his hate, too many bought into the hype and sang his praises.  While others justified their choice to back him by saying he was only spinning rhetoric and wouldn’t do the really bad stuff.  They wanted to buy a piece of candy while leaving the bag behind.  Through denial and self-induced delusions they chose to believe the hype, they chose ignore everything else in support of their personal hot button issue.  They fitted themselves with blinders and ignored the evil that oozed from this man’s pores.  

So what vile little action has got me wanting to toss the Tangerine in a juicer today?  Today he decided that he would toss the environment into his ever growing heap of garbage. With the stroke of a pen he put profit over people and green lit the pipelines.  Which really shouldn’t surprise anyone as he has already shown he has absolutely no respect for the environment.  According to him  climate change is a Chinese hoax and he proved that by scrubbing any reference to it from the White House webpage.

Sadly, I would say that his actions regarding the pipelines are just a small taste of the damage he plans to do to the environment.  His choice to issue a gag order to the scientists who work for the EPA and USDA signals that we are just getting started and that he has quite a few more things to tick off his list as he declares environment be damned.  Don’t even get me started on how comfortable I feel about eating with him including the scientists from the USDA in his little gag order.  This does not exactly inspire confidence in the whole process of ensuring that food in this country is safe.

I don’t exactly rest easy with the idea of the environment becoming a casualty of the wants of the rich.  I don’t like the idea of the Tangerine and his buddies lining their pockets while they create these messes. Why are they so damned fixated on maintaining fossil fuel?  It has been proven to do damage the world around us.  It is a limited resource and drilling/mining for it provides a temporary fix that creates more problems than it’s worth.

As I saw the announcement of today’s actions come tumbling across my news feed I found myself wanting to sit down and cry.  When we bring children into this world we hope for them to inherit something better.  We may not know for certain what better will be, but we find that we make choices with a thought of another at our forefront.  It is not just my child that I wish to leave something better for.  I want to leave something better for all children.  The generations yet to be born are all deserving of something that is worth having.  They should not be condemned to clean up a mess that was created through shortsightedness and selfish indulgence.

This brings me to tomorrow… the indulgence he intends to sign into being.  It has been announced that he will sign an order beginning the construction of his wall.  Wrapped into his command for his little erection he also intends to shut down access to the United States for refugees and go after the sanctuary cities.  I can’t help but feel my heart break as I imagine people turned away from help.  I can’t help but wonder why it is that so many can be supportive of harming others.  What makes it alright to turn your back on children simply because they come from another country?

I long ago decided that the Tangerine had something seriously wrong with him.  His obsession with declaring himself to be better than everyone else reminds me of a toddler. His need to build a wall brings to mind silly little men who needed to validate themselves with statuary.  His fixation with dollars and cents makes we wonder what is lacking in his world.  I also have found myself wondering exactly what kind of people could get behind a man who is so utterly absorbed in himself, a man who has demonstrated to the world repeatedly that he is a pathological liar.  I have my thoughts… but for now they will remain trapped within my mind, thoughts that rattle around while I try to make sense of them.  For now I will simply say, this B!%@# doesn’t like I see.

The B!%@# Needs to Find Some Balance

There are days when I wish I didn’t feel the urge to write about things associated with the Tangerine and his repugnants.  You know, perhaps drop a nice story about some silly little oddity that is trending on the internet.  Oh how I miss the days of watching for the giggle stories tumbling across my feed.  Scanning through the headlines looking for something, anything that isn’t about Tangerine or his repugnant minions, I feel like I am searching in vain. There is no shortage of stories or soundbites dedicated to their latest crap.  At least with them there is an ever abundant hat to dip my hand into and draw forth a commentary.

Nepotism does, in fact, live on in the federal government, despite there being a law against it. Apparently the Tangerine is planning on appointing his son-in-law to a position in the White House.  This is unethical, if not illegal  They are trying to skirt the issue by stating that the son-in-law will not draw a salary and that the office of the President doesn’t actually have to follow a 1967 anti-nepotism law.  Oddly that law was enacted because a former President had committed nepotism.  You would think that intelligent people would look at the reason the law was created and get a clue as to who is supposed to follow the law.  But we are talking about the Tangerine, a man who has spent his entire life expecting special treatment.  

Think about this people, I mean it is getting rather deep.  Repeatedly the counsel for the Tangerine-elect has said that certain laws don’t apply to him because he will be President.  If the person elected to the highest office in the land doesn’t actually have to follow the laws of the land… shakes my head in disgust.  This all comes back to the fact that while this reprehensible excuse for a human being showed his true colors throughout the election, people still voted for him.  They patted him on the head and said, “it’s OK that you are pathological liar and think that the rules of society don’t apply to you.  We are still going to vote for you.”

Alright… enough!  I need something uplifting.  We need to be reminded that for every truly frightening person stepping into power, there is another good person in this world.  Even when we are beginning to feel despondent and are shaking our heads in disgust over those who have been bought and sold by the 1%, there are those who truly do listen to us and are willing to stand beside us as we shout NO.

Let’s begin with a lady who exudes class.  When I woke this morning I saw the tweets.  The Tangerine was going after Meryl Streep.  His thin skin had been pricked and he found it important to slam her ability as an actress (despite his own declaration of her in 2015 as exceptional) in response.  Knowing that even the slightest of statements has been shown to send this man off into a dither I pulled up a clip of her speech.  Her words eloquently delivered reminded me of why I have always seen this woman as class personified.  Thank you Meryl for reminding us that there are many who truly do feel that his behavior is not normal and that we can stand against it with class and dignity.

Turning to congress for a moment of uplift coming from an unexpected source, the U.S. Senate.  Getting ready for bed I found myself captivated the broadcast on C-SPAN2.  The Democratic Senators were holding the floor and discussing the need to keep the ACA.  Their voices lifted to explain why a number of people would be devastated to lose the ACA.  The program is anything but perfect and they openly admitted that as they spoke.  They asked that instead of derailing what we have, they consider the good that has been done and look to changing, modifying, or even writing a replacement.  Out of this evening’s speakers I found myself being greatly impressed by Senator Angus King out of Maine.  This man spoke with power and shared a personal story through which he hoped to drive home the need for health care for all.  Thank you to all of the Senators who are standing their ground in congress this evening.

It seems that the next few years are going to be a rather ridiculous carny ride with ups, downs, and lots of nausea as we fight to hold onto our sanity.  I am sure that my sarcasm will scream through post after post as I watch the repugnants do what they will do.  The Tangerine will be a never ending source of lies, bullshit, and vile behavior.  Yet, hopefully we will have more evenings like this one.  Evenings when this B!%@# can look find something to smile about in the actions of those who are willing to continue to stand up against this all and declare it is not normal and we will not accept…(insert repulsive action here).  It’s only beginning… let’s hold on tight and pack lots of Dramamine.

The B!%@# has No Plans to Bend Over

Tangerine puckers up yet again.  Raise your hand if you have noticed that every time he puckers up and kisses Putin’s ass it feels like the we are the ones who are taking it in the rear.  Yep, another day of Tangerine tweets and Kremlin colored nightmares.  I don’t actually follow the Tangerine’s twitter feed as I believe he should hold press conferences and face questions from the media.  Since he refuses to do so the media are has taken to re-posting his 140 character ramblings.  

So what Tangerine Tweets have me wondering if the man has bought stock in a personal lubricant company?  The first was one about having a good relationship with Russia.  That’s right, he wants us to be buddies with the burglars who broke into our house and spread lies about us.  After all everyone wants to embrace our violators right?  The second laid blame for the hacking on the DNC (can you say victim shaming?).

You got it, the orange one pulled up  his history as a sexual deviant and chose to go with the age old tactic of blame the victim.  I am not exactly surprised by such a maneuver considering his history and how well it’s been working for him.  “Why yes, I know Putin slipped his hand up her skirt?  He grabbed the DNC by the pussy and gave it a full on digital inspection.  But that never would have happened if she didn’t wear her skirts so short.”

Why did he chose to blame the victim here?  The simple answer, it worked before. The repugnants in this country heard him making derogatory comments about women throughout the election and still voted for him.  They chose not to place blame on the man and instead chose to nod along as he blamed the victims and claimed boys will be boys.

Sadly this sort of victim blaming is to be witnessed all over the internet.  Comment feeds are full of people saying, “What does it matter?  They only revealed the truth.”  How many people would like to have their “truth” revealed by someone who broke into their computers or their homes and exposed it?  Would they pick up the phone and call the police?  Would they be alright if the police were to tell them, “Well it’s all true so we are going to choose to ignore the illegal actions of the perpetrator who broke the law.”

The interference in this election didn’t stop with hacking DNC (Read the US Intelligence Report on the Russian Hacking). Russia paid people to spread false information.  They hired internet trolls to undermine the process.  Fake news was pushed out toward those who were most likely to be susceptible.  Stories that had no basis in fact were tweeted and shared multiple times.  So much so, that people could be heard spouting off these works of fiction as if they were gospel.

Sadly, the fact that this country was subverted by Russia and Putin is not something that many are yet willing to accept.  They are in a state of denial.  Embracing the crime in order to deny that they were a victim.  Fear of looking the fool is forcing them to dig in their heels and demonize those who have exposed the truth.  They are unwilling to see what could happen if this crime goes without full investigation for fear that they might have to accept their own role in what has happened.

It is the fear of those who refuse to see the truth that causes my own worry to grow.  Each day I see the shrugging of the shoulders and the acceptance of the crime.  Years ago they used to teach a woman to scream “fire” if she was attacked.  People knew it would draw attention.  They knew from experience that screaming rape often fell upon deaf ears.  I find myself wondering if it isn’t time for us to shout fire.  To scream at the top of our lungs and hope that it draws attention.  We are two weeks away from becoming an occupied country of sorts.  The US will have at its helm a man who was chosen and installed by the duplicitous actions of a foreign country.  A country that has repeatedly shown contempt toward our way of life will have found way to dictate to us.

As all of this storm rages around us I find myself understanding those who have chosen to live like an ostrich.  Pushing their heads into the sand and hoping that something happens to fix it, to make it go away.  While I understand their desires, I have no false hopes of it suddenly becoming better.  I know that instead of being accepting of what is going on I have to keep throwing my words out there for others to read.  I have to share my thoughts and I have to raise my voice.  We need to stand up every day and remind those around us that this is not normal, this is not acceptable, and doing nothing is not an option.

The B!%@# Has Already Seen This Movie

The theme of the day is vindictive. Careening through the air waves, across the Twitterverse, over the phone lines, and bubbling up on news feeds all over the country… a bloating course of retaliation and bullying.  Today we have a selection of tweets, phone calls, resurrections of antiquated rules, and the possible destruction of those who expose the issues.  That’s right we have all found ourselves trapped in a reboot of Mean Girls with the Tangerine embodying his own version of Regina George and his cronies stepping into the role of “The Plastics.”

As any good Regina George stand-in would do, we started the day with a hearty dose of blaming others for personal failings. According to the Tangerine, his tweets supporting Assange and Putin weren’t really tweets supporting them.  His 7:25 am tweet claims that it was the media twisting his meaning and making those lovely 140 character rambles into something else.  The media just doesn’t understand him and is making him look bad.

What floors me is that his blaming tweet has fifty-one thousand likes.  Mean girl tactics win out and 51,000 people are either so gullible that they will buy this load of crap or they are so afraid of being the next target that they are cheering in hopes that the bully won’t turn on them.

People are failing to see the real problem, we have a soon to be Tangerine in Chief entering office who won’t hold a press conference.  He won’t speak in a venue where he can be openly questioned to ensure his meaning is clear.  But then again, that’s an old bully tactic…say one thing and then claim that others are twisting their words.

Continuing our trip through this alternate universe, our dear Regina George stand-in went after a political rival this afternoon.  Apparently the Tangerine was not happy with a man who had supported John Kasich in the recent election.  To express that distaste, he made a series of phone calls to Repugnants in Ohio (it’s okay to get the image of a bunch of teenage girls bickering over who dissed who).  The goal of those phone calls was to make sure that the guy who dissed him didn’t get reelected to his position as Repugnant state chairman.

Keeping in mind that no Regina George would be complete without her Plastics we must turn to the actions of the Repugnants in Congress.  Today they decided it was appropriate to resurrect an old rule that gives them the power to target the salary or funding of any individual federal employee or program.  That’s right, slipped into an appropriations bill, Marge over at the IRS could find herself opening a $1 paycheck if she manages to piss off the right Repugnant.  While the likelihood of this is slim, let’s step back and think about why they feel the need to enact such an antiquated rule?  What is in their sites?  What do they want to wipe out by burying the cut in some piece of legislation?  What has got the plastics in such a riled up state?  Only time will tell, but I pity the poor guy who crosses one of them.

Finally, our trip through the Plastic universe finds us facing the possibility that the Tangerine will be able to reconfigure the Intelligence community.  This one floors me.  We have now seen two actions from that side of the political spectrum designed to limit the powers of those who are there to keep things ethical and legitimate.  In the course of a few days they have proclaimed twice that they don’t need to have the same level of monitoring as others.  Add to this the fact that the Tangerine will be maintaining his own private security on his dime (which means they are loyal to him, not the United States) and we have a perfect set-up for full on bully movie nightmare.

As we continue to fight for survival in our alternate universe and dive into lockers to avoid the gaze of our re-imagined Regina and the Plastics, I feel the need to remind everyone that Regina did not end up winning in the end.  So while the Tangerine could star in his own version of Mean Girls (Mean Orange Pervs), we do have the control here.  School bus anyone?

We have to band together and keep each other informed of these things.  We have to make sure that we are working to spread the truth about what is happening.  Our voices together can create a wall that is greater than anything they could ever construct.  There is a reason why they always show the bully on the losing side of these movies.  It’s because we know that through our voice, through our unity, there is power to turn them away and to reduce them to but an annoyance we once had to endure.