The B!%# and The Media Ramble On…

Have you ever reached a point where you feel like you are shouting at a wall?  You begin to wonder if anything you have to say will make a difference to anyone.  As I reread my last post a little over a week ago, I found myself wondering: why was I writing, what did I hope to accomplish, and did I really believe that I would change anything?

For many writers this moment comes at various points in their lives.  I like to call it the “what the fuck am I doing” moment.  The moment when a person suddenly realizes they have taken off, careening down a path that could quite possibly lead to death, dismemberment, or at the very least, a lot of pissed off people.  Okay, I over-dramatize, but the point is relevant.  Writing in today’s climate is like putting your ass in front of firing line and hoping that everyone taking aim, has failed to acquire ammunition.

While I am just a blogger with an ever present opinion, I am still an example of a thorn. I share or comment on information that would not be considered flattering to the Tangerine and his repugnants.  Admittedly most of what I write is opinion and my personal interpretation of the facts.  But it is still an opinion based on events that are occurring in our world.  An opinion that normally serves to skewer, filet, and dissect the crap being perpetrated by the repugnant party.

So with my rambling I have placed myself on the table beside the media and let’s face it, we currently live in a world where the Tangerine and his ilk are consistently calling the media, “fake.”  Their agenda is quite clear on this; discredit the media so the public will not trust anything that is reported.  If the public does not trust the media to report the truth, then they are less likely to believe reports that show crimes being committed by the Tangerine and his repugnants.

Many people don’t this as a problem or threat, but I can assure you it is a significant issue. The press is the people’s way of maintaining oversight of the actions of the politicians who are elected to serve us.  When a politician is elected to office they are tasked with representing the people of their constituency.  They are expected to act in the best interest of the people.  Unfortunately there are limited ways to keep tabs on the actions of our representatives.  Government is by its very nature a collection of working parts and no one person can keep watch on all of it at the same time.  That is where the press is invaluable. These journalists work to ensure that we are informed, but even with the press maintaining the flow of information there are still many dealings that remain hidden long after the damage has been done.

Sadly, politicians have perfected the skill of sidestepping and avoiding exposing their own missteps.  They have long ago learned to hide from the public what they do not wish to admit and wave openly what they think will garner accolades.  They hire press agents and publicity managers to ensure that what is revealed to the world puts them in the rosiest of lights.  Fixers are utilized to bury their misdealing and false steps from the public view. Which is but another reason why it is imperative to have a free and open press monitoring our employees.

All of this being said, there is also an onus on the public in this country to ensure that we verify, verify, verify.  As I have stated before, I am a rather opinionated b!%@# and I am the first to admit that my writings are based on my personal interpretation of the facts. Through my writings I share what I believe should happen in the world.  But my writings are based on verified facts.  I always read multiple sources when a story breaks and I make a concentrated effort to read articles from sources that often represent the other side of the political spectrum.

We have a bad habit in this country of locking onto ONE source and calling it good.  We create a vacuum in which our world is limited to only that which we wish to hear. The rise of Faux Fox News is a case in point, the people who watch this network rarely watch other sources.  They tend to state that other networks cannot be trusted and that their is no point to verify the information elsewhere.  The problem with this is that when you climb into a vacuum you rarely can get out of it.  Fixating on one source ensures that you are locked into one set of opinions and one view of the facts.  You are guaranteeing that you are not exposed to anything that might upset your desired state of self-imposed equilibrium.

With the state of the government today the idea of accepting one source has the potential for catastrophic results.  People must be willing to be their own fact checkers.  They must look beyond their standard bubble and check to see how stories are being reported through other sources.  We cannot allow ourselves to become trapped in a world where we only see what we want to see as that plays into the hopes of the Tangerine and his repugnants. They are hoping that we will find ourselves contented with 140 characters and single sources.  They want to proclaim anything disparaging “fake” and anything positive “real.” We can’t let them sell us their own fairy tales as truths.  We must believe in the intentions of the press to serve as our spotlight and then verify.  And this B!%@#, will continue to ramble on…




The B!%@# is an Exceptional Eclectic

Have you ever found yourself hating the mere mention of a phrase?  A phrase that sends you scrambling for the other room, the next state, or perhaps a few countries over, when you hear it uttered?  You know those phrases.  The one’s that remind you of someone dragging their fingernails across a chalkboard.  The words that have your spine lengthening, your lips curling, and your temper intermediately riled.

While I could make case for many annoying phrases, there is one that will always put my temper on edge.  The two little words in question?  “Good Christian.”  Now let me start out by saying that I believe that everyone has to find the religion or non-religion that brings them a personal sense of peace.  People need to find a personal code that guarantees they will treat others with respect and dignity.  This post is not in anyway, shape, or form designed to demonize the Christian faith, as I know many people who are Christian for whom I have much respect and admiration.  It is, however, my intention to specifically target a group of people who have made the lives of many difficult and at times almost unbearable.  That group being the ones who spout venom and hate all the while proclaiming themselves to be “good Christians.”

I suspect you can ascertain from my need to address this topic that I am not Christian and you would be correct.  For the last three decades I have identified myself as either Pagan, Wiccan, or simply a Spiritual Eclectic.  The later probably being my label of choice, if I had to give myself a label.  I don’t spend my days going about advertising my spiritual beliefs.  It has never been that I am ashamed of them, I simply don’t find it necessary to wear them like a pair of designer jeans with the label prominently displayed across my ass.

The world is made of a hodgepodge of faiths and beliefs.  Everyone seems to be trying to assign meaning to things and they are always on the lookout for signs that they are somehow right in their personal choices of faith and belief.  The problem with that, is that in order to believe themselves “right,” they have to believe someone else is wrong.  That, in and of itself, is not a problem.  The problem appears when those people start arguing over who is right and wrong.  The conflict develops when one people decides that they must inflict their beliefs on others.

This brings me back to those two teeny tiny words.  Why do they inspire a rage in me?  The simple explanation is that they imply a superiority of the person who utters them over others.  Rarely can you compliment a “good Christian” by calling them a good person, as they will frequently correct you.  It is as if being a good person is somehow not sufficient. They can’t take credit for their actions without attaching their religion to it and with that they are somehow proclaiming their religion as being the cause of their positive actions. Their religion is the basis of all good and the implication is that a person cannot be good enough if they are not of that religion.

With the current social climate these beliefs are ever present and seem to be saturating the actions of many politicians.  Today, as I was scanning through the articles running across my news feed, I found one that mentioned a group who are determined to bring “good Christian” beliefs back into the classroom.  Admittedly my initial reaction was a muttered string of expletives.  Why do people feel the need to dictate religion to others?  Public schools serve people from a variety of faiths and when you proclaim that you want to carry those schools back to “good Christian” beliefs you are declaring that other faiths are NOT good and NOT worthy.  It’s offensive to make such claims.

Every day we are subjected to the “good Christians” need to convert the world. They cannot seem to accept diversity and they demonize differences while they proclaim they are simply being “good Christians.” They only want to save everyone and in order to do that they have to tell you everything that is wrong with you (in their opinion, of course).  Call me crazy, but I have never felt the need to stick my hand on a hot stove… but when a “good Christian” gets to spouting off their hate and judgment that stove seems the better alternative to their ways and beliefs.

For years I have had to listen to people spout off about how Christianity is under attack. Do you know why people of other religions rarely utter such moronic statements?  It’s not because they are ashamed of their faiths or beliefs.  It’s that they simply do not feel the need to wave their personal faiths around like a flag.  They desire respect in their choice of faith, but they do not need to have it become some universally accepted proclamation. They do not need to force it down the throats of the public at large.  Not once has it ever occurred to me that I should be out converting others to my personal spiritual truth.

Generally you could say that I am tired of being the one who sits silently in the room as those around me talk about their faith and religions.  I am exhausted by burden of having to validate their right to believe as they choose, while denying my own right to be as expressive.  I am disgusted by the fact that the word “good” has been commandeered as a label to be applied to those of a particular faith and belief system.

Perhaps we should let them have that word… instead let us choose something more splendid for our personal identification.  Let us be magnificent Muslims, marvelous Jews, wondrous Wiccans, and just generally phenomenal people.  We don’t have to allow them to inflict their “good Christian” ideals on our classrooms, in our personal lives, and throughout our government.  Instead we need to demand that they demonstrate that they can be spectacular human beings and embrace all of the world’s diversity with a breathtaking wonder.

The B!%@# Hates Partisan Bullshit

It seems that the hypocrisy of the repugnants is truly multifaceted and considering the events of late, it appears they have chosen to wave that hypocrisy as if it were a flag of pride.  With the resignation of Michael Flynn yesterday one would have expected to see government officials clamoring for a full investigation into the depth and breadth of the issue.   After all, how many millions of dollars were spent on the investigations of Hillary Clinton?  Yet with the coming of today, Senator Rand Paul gave a voice and face to the hypocrisy as he declared that probing into the administration’s ties to Russia would be excessive.  He then took it a step further to admit that it was all about party over country when he stated, “I just don’t think it’s useful to be doing investigation after investigation, particularly of our own party.”  

I have long ago lost any rosy colored outlook about politicians.  They do tend to make deals with the devil on a daily basis and it doesn’t appear to be purely on one side of the aisle. Generally you know that with every move a politician makes there is going to be someone who will scream foul.  But I used to think that despite all of the sideways deals, the purpose was ultimately the betterment of the United States for everyone.  Lately however, I am not sure that is actually the goal of the repugnants.  With everything that has been occurring in Washington and in legislatures around the country I have a sneaking suspicion that they are actually trying to drive the United States to its knees.

The repugnants and I have never seen eye to eye and I feel it is important for me to acknowledge that up front.  I am pro-people.  I believe that society should work together to ensure that all people have what they need to survive.  I recognize the need for taxes as a way to pay for the programs that contribute to the maintenance of our society.  Generally, the repugnants used to be the party of small government (relatively speaking) and big military.  They wanted fewer social programs as they believed that should be left up to private charities and they wanted to spend money on building big tanks.  But there has been a shift as of late in their ideals and it’s one that is genuinely frightening.

Recent years have seen the repugnants embracing corporations and their money.  The current crop of bills that are moving through congress shows an almost rabid desire to strip businesses of any and all regulations.  Bank regulations are being lifted.  Ethics monitors and disclosures are being repealed. Workers protections are being tossed on the fire.  Social programs such as social security, medicaid, and medicare are targeted. Education is at risk of losing massive amounts of funding in favor of privatization. Environmental regulations are being shredded, climate change is being denied, and companies are being offered free reign to do what they will to the environment. 

It’s as if the repugnants are going full steam ahead for a cliff and they honestly don’t care. Why else would they do nothing even as they are faced with mounting evidence that another country actively engaged in altering the outcome of our elections?  If they truly cared about this country and wanted to maintain it for future generations wouldn’t they be turning every stone over to find the truth?  The repugnant regime seems dead set on driving this country to brink.  

We are going to have fight back.  Phone calls to representatives are going to have to continue to be a daily occurrence.  Letters, emails, and when possible, personal visits are going to become routine parts of our lives as we show them that we are not willing to allow this to occur unchecked.  People owe it to the future of this country to stay informed and to demand actions are taken.  

We can’t accept partisan politics that are blinded by the longevity of party over the health of country.  Day after day we are going to have to demand that they stand up for us as they were elected to do.  The people of this country are not limited to a voice only on election day and they must remember that the women and men of congress are our employees.  They are there to listen to our will and to meet our needs.  It’s time for their bosses to stop sleeping behind the desk.    We no longer live in a time when we can vote and then go back to our regular programming.  

The B!%@# with A Bleeding Heart

Have you ever had a moment where a phrase suddenly strikes you?  A passing second that suddenly grows into hours spent pondering the implications of your thinking?  That was my afternoon.  As I drove to a nearby city today a car passed mine and gunned it.  That in and of itself is not unusual, as I do live in an area with a high number of fools who think back roads are invitations to open it up and see just how much they can risk their lives. What struck me about this car was one of their bumper stickers, “WARNING: Does not Play Well with Liberals” with a picture of an automatic rifle on the corner.

My first reaction was to get my feathers riled up.  I know for a fact my face contorted and I quietly muttered a few not so well chosen expletives.  But then something happened.  I pulled into a drive through and ordered drinks for my daughter and myself.  When the carhop brought out the order I handed him a ten for a $4.50 order and told him to keep the change.  The kid looked at me with a rather confused expression and said, “Are you sure?” I nodded, told him to have a nice day, and left.  I found myself smiling.  I had taken a moment that had inspired aggravation and had tossed it off by choosing to do something positive for someone else.

Admittedly I am what many would classify as a ‘bleeding heart liberal.’  I believe that society should work to ensure the welfare of all.  I believe that the environment is important and that we should do what we can to protect it and ensure that future generations are not tasked with cleaning up or surviving a mess we create today.  I think that taxes are a necessary part of civilization and that there is nothing wrong with providing for others.

The term ‘bleeding heart liberal’ has been tossed about like it were an insult.  The people who wield it see it as derogatory.  Whenever a cause is brought to the light by liberals, the sneers ooze, “it’s just those bleeding hearts again.”  It’s a way of discounting the actions of a group of people as if they were somehow lessor because they seem to act based on their heart. But it is in that term that we might find our strength.  We might be able to fight back against the current regime and introduce ourselves to the world in a much better light.

The repugnants found their way into power by proclaiming that they cared about those who saw themselves as forgotten.  Through the spouting of a series of generic slogans, the Tangerine started rallying those who believed themselves to be lost.  He declared that he would fix things and make everything great by returning the country to a fantasized past that never really existed.  Instead of rallying people behind the concept of a shared future that would be built together, he placed himself on high as the only one who could save them from a dark evil that they believed had banished them and left them lacking. Through lies, sound bites, and twitter bursts, the repugnants inspired hate and rage all under the false moniker of hope.

The repugnants are continuing to maintain their platform of hate.  Facts are being distorted to fester fear and fear propagates hatred.   Fingers are pointing at those who are different, labeling them as the sources of all that ails this country.  The idea of caring for all is being trounced upon by the promotion of a “me first” mind set.  Suddenly we are at a place where we cannot do for others because we might not have enough for ourselves.  We no longer care for the poor because it costs too much and we don’t want to be forced to help anyway.   Lines are being drawn and people are being categorized as worthy and unworthy.

My little interaction today got me thinking about the current movements going on throughout the entire country.  Town halls around the nation have seen an influx of people demanding answers of their repugnant representatives.  They are wanting to know how those representatives are planning to ensure that they are not left behind.  People want to know exactly how the actions being taken by the White House and congress are going to provide for a better future for all members of our society, not just the wealthy or the corporations.  They are standing up and screaming their needs, their hopes, and their desires.  Calls are flooding offices and emails are flying at unprecedented rates.

So perhaps it is time for the ‘bleeding hearts’ to start putting it out there again.  We are already protesting and proclaiming what we want for this world.  Now it is time for us to start modeling for others what we already know to be true.  We are one people (the human race) and we need to have each others backs.  The ‘bleeding hearts’ are at a place where they can genuinely impact the future direction of this country by doing for others and encouraging each other to step up.  We are going to have to reach our hands out to give, even when it is giving just a kind word.

Instead of turning into trolls and bashing each other over the head with memes and off the cuff statements on the internet, we need to start providing logical and caring solutions. Those who are promoting hate must be combated with love and it must be done openly and routinely.  We must demonstrate what it is we wish to see in our society if we want to hold onto the progress that has been made in the last forty years, we have to expose its values to others.  Sharing and supporting those who are the targets of the hatred must become the normal way of life if we are going to continue to move our world forward.  This is not a religious movement as they are often clouded with expectations of dogma.  Instead we ‘bleeding hearts’ are tasked with a movement of action, a movement of love, and movement of hope.


The B!%@# Never Thought it was Entry Level

There are many professions in this world that require a person to receive training. Before you can become a doctor you are expected to have a medical degree and to have met the licensing requirements.  Lawyers must obtain an advanced degree and then pass the bar. Teachers are required obtain a degree, complete a period of supervised student teaching, and then pass a licensing test.  Even a person who is hired to manage a fast food restaurant has an expectation that they have spent time on a career path that built their experience in the industry before they acquire the position of manager.

To me it has always seemed appropriate that positions that are not generally considered entry level require more qualifications.  Whereas jobs that are considered gateway positions have fewer expectations attached.  Employees who take an entry level job are often trained as they go.  They learn about the nuts and bolts of the day to day operations of a company as they build experience and knowledge on the job.  These employees through years of learning the ropes move up into positions that are more qualification intensive, the management positions.

Color me surprised when it struck me recently that the office of the president of the United States was actually an entry level position.  For years I had been under the impression that the people who held that job should have some experience. While I am familiar with the qualifications as expressed in the constitution:

No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty-five years, and been fourteen years a resident within the United States.

It never occurred to me that someone with absolutely experience in government could actually step into that position.

For all intents and purposes, the Tangerine has the same level of government experience as the guy who greets me as I walk through the doors of my local shopping center (aka NADA, ZILCH, NONE). Come to think of it, the greeter has at least some experience in diplomacy, as he has to deal with a broad variety of patrons from day to day and ensure that they feel welcome.  Whereas the Tangerine has the last two decades proving to the world that he excels at being an obtrusive jackass with the ability to spout off the words, “your fired” with a contrived and practiced tone.  This does not inspire confidence in his ability to navigate the complexities of governmental negotiations.

Each and every day we see his on-the-job training failing us.  He spouts off on Twitter about things that no President should be airing publicly.  He embarrasses the people of this country routinely with his absence of grammar, vocabulary, and a general understanding of syntax.  We are exposed to ridicule as we live though his lack of knowledge of basic civics. During the campaign he was asked if he had ever read the constitution.  Personally I would love to take that further and question the grades he achieved in high school government and history classes.  He seems to have zero understanding of the idea of the three branch system and approaches the job as if he were the CEO with ultimate authority.

His shortage of understanding of the branches of government was put openly on display today with the release of the verdict from the 9th circuit court.  The CEO responded by ranting and showing his arse on Twitter.  He spouted off a few times and closed with a tweet delivered entirely in capital letters.  Through his lapse of judgment (although it is getting harder to call these lapses, as I have yet to see him utilize good judgement), he demonstrated to the world that he doesn’t understand that he is not the be all, end all, decision maker for this country.

This gets me thinking though.  If we are going to start treating the office of the president as if it were an entry-level position, isn’t it time we institute a probationary period.  It would be relatively simple to put in place.  For every year of experience in governmental positions we knock some time off of the probationary period.  I am not even looking for congressional level experience.  Even basic city council or perhaps state representative would be preferable to train as you go.  Hell I’d settle for school board member. Something, anything, with some kind of knowledge and training on the operations of government would be preferable to this.




The B!%@# Values Education

The uneducated are doomed to repeat a history they know nothing about.  For years education has been under assault.  We live in a country that relies upon the ability of our citizens to make educated and informed decisions.  This country works best when its population has learned how to think critically about the issues.  We do not function well when we are indoctrinating and/or brainwashing our citizens into following a dictated set of beliefs.  An educated populace is one that is less likely to be corralled into the role of chattel.

The confirmation of DeVos sent a shiver down my spine.  Truth be told, I spent the day trying to avoid the news.  There was no doubt in my mind that the Repugnants would vote in spite of their constituency.  While there were two who listened to their constituents and voted against her, the rest of the Repugnants toed the party line or were paid for by the DeVos family donations.

Through their devotion to money and party, the Repugnants sold the children of this country to the highest bidder.  They guaranteed that a woman who has effectively destroyed the Detroit schools has a hand in dictating educational policy throughout the nation.  There was no consideration for the hundreds of thousands of people who contacted them asking them to deny her nomination.

Education professionals were discounted and their opinions were devalued.  These politicians decided that people who have spent years earning degrees and specializing in the field of education should have to answer to a woman who has absolutely no educational experience.  They declared that while they expected teachers to be highly qualified they did not see a need for the head of the Department of Education to actually know anything about education.

Why do I think the Repugnants made such a choice?  Are there reasons beyond having their lips surgically attached to the Tangerine’s posterior?  We all have our theories. Personally I believe that it’s about opening the doors to the idea of privatizing education, another way for corporations to earn money while ensuring that the poor have a minimum education.  The emphasis being on the word minimum, as the Tangerine has declared he does love the poorly educated.

The poorly educated are less likely to think for themselves.  Generally those who are lacking in critical thinking skills gravitate to television networks such as Faux News.  They find there, an unhealthy dose of hate and sensationalized reporting.  In the sound bites their lack of education is catered to and reaffirmed.  These people become the one issue voters that don’t take into account all the damage that can be done through their tunnel vision.  So naturally the Tangerine wants to cultivate more of that type of voter.

As a child I was encouraged to think for myself.  We had an expectation that we would learn and form our own opinions based on the facts available. One did not make assumptions without evidence and all evidence was to be evaluated for authenticity and application.  Our critical nature even led my brother to create a website for the sole purpose of presenting documentation on the issues, cases are presented and debated.

Perhaps the appointment of DeVos is a way for the administration to try and ensure that there are plenty of poorly educated voters out there for the Tangerine to love.  This is not something that we should accept.  We as a people are going to have to step up and realize that it is time to push back.  Society is going to have to encourage and value education that leads to critical thinking.  It might be the only way to correct the damage that has yet to unfold.



The B!%@# Likes to Speak Her Mind

The evening saw many sitting down to watch the Super Bowl and admittedly I was not one of them.  I have no affinity for football and have determined that I have better things to do with my time.  So each year as people gather for parties and scream at the television, I find something else to do.  The one thing, like many, that I do partake in is the commercials. Although due to a lack of television, I generally have to wait a few days before they appear on the internet.

If you think about it, the Super Bowl is the one time when people actually sit down to watch a commercial.  With the advent of the DVR and various other options, very few people watch commercials willingly.  But during this event people seek out the advertisements.  There will be conversations.  They will be nitpicked apart and people will deem this one the best and that one the worst.  The annual tradition of commercial dissection in the break room will commence on the morrow.

Normally I have to wait a day or two for the commercials to fully find root online.  However this evening there are two that seem to have already raised both praise, as well as ire.  The first, a beer commercial, started making its rounds on the internet a few days before the game.  In this commercial the viewer watched an immigrant as he made his way from Germany to the United States.  As the story unfolds, people scream at him and tell him to go back where he came from, he escapes a burning boat, and the viewer roots for him as he perseveres.  People have read much into this commercial over the past few days and they seem to note a message about immigration.

Admittedly I first watched this commercial due to the rants I saw appearing in the comments on my FB feed.  There were people speaking of boycotting the beer, while others who never drink were planning on buying a six pack just to support the company. When I first watched it I could see the undertones that many were seeing.  I would have to wonder though if I read into the commercial due to the state of the world. Did I see something that was never meant to be there simply because we are faced with a world that is targeting immigrants?  Or did the company grow a pair and remind the world that we are a country of immigrants?

The second commercial that brought ire this evening came from a lumber company.  This spot depicts the journey of a woman and her daughter as they come to this country from Mexico.  Apparently part of it was edited out (the wall) due to it being deemed too controversial for the Super Bowl.  The complete ad is on their website or can be found on YouTube.  This one had all the feels that I have come to expect from many of these spots.  The little girl tugged at my heart and the desperation on the mother’s face is something that any mother could recognize.  In her eyes was the need to make their lives into something better for her daughter’s sake.

Both of these advertisements are drawing the rage of  xenophobes all over the country. People are calling for boycotts.  They are stomping their feet and declaring it unfair that these companies brought politics into their football game.  One person commented that “nothing was sacred anymore” because the companies had defiled their little game with a human’s rights issue.  What do these people expect to happen?  Do they truly believe that these companies should shove their heads up their backsides and ignore the world in which they live?

You know, I don’t believe that corporations should have person hood and I don’t think that they should be able to donate to political campaigns.  But that being said, I really have no problem with companies sharing their view on the state of the world.  If I disagree with their view I won’t purchase their products.  If I agree with what they have to say, I might purchase their products if I need them.  It’s pretty simple and rather straightforward. Don’t like a company, don’t patronize them.

What has happened in this country that we find it so easy to bastardize either celebrities or companies that share their view on the world?  Why do we find it so reasonable to scream that they should shut up and need to keep their voices to themselves?  You know, there are quite a few idiots in this world who I would love to slip a gag on and call it a day.  But I remind myself every time that when I encourage others to be gagged I am opening the door to the removal of my right to speak and that is not a right I am willing to abandon anytime soon.

Recently we have seen the press secretary of the White House telling the press to “shut up.”  We have seen people all over the internet calling Liberals names and telling them to shut their traps and accept the state of things.  There are generally people spouting off at each other on a daily basis.  Each one telling the other that they don’t have the right to share their thoughts.

We don’t have to like what others say and we certainly do not have to tolerate hate in our lives, but we can’t deny the right to speak.  When we start calling for others to lose a right we are volunteering to surrender our right as well.  With the Tangerine in office it is all to easy to fall into a trap in which we scream “shut up” at those who share his way of thinking.  People who realized that their hatred was reviled have exposed themselves to the light as they have come to believe that his vile behavior makes it alright to be a racist, a bigot, a xenophobe, or a sexist.  They are running around allowing their hate to ooze so freely that those who are opposed to them are finding ourselves trapped in a never ending loop of rage.  Yet, even as they rant and ramble we have to remember that we cannot deny their right to speak.  We can however, deny them an audience.

If a person spouts hate, turn your back on them and walk away.  When a person argues for exclusion present them with a plea for inclusion.  Give the vile no validation and ensure that every bit of venom is ignored and ostracized.  It is our duty as human beings to show these people that while they have right to speak their mind, they do not have the right to expect anyone to agree with them.